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5 sets of pictures with skirt style and skirt

Summer is the season of sweet and sexy rampant, the streets at this time often can be seen wearing a beautiful dress girl. Dress, skirt, vest, skirt or T-shirt wrapped skirt the perfect posture to show if the impact if the current in front of us, how can it not impressive. August has come to make their own point of peach blossom, 9 setsSkirt styleAndSkirtPictureTo refer to how you dress, to find that he lives in it!

5 sets of skirt styles and skirt picture 01: Rainbow Stripe Dress

This dress, colorful, super summer fun feeling. Shoulder lace openwork design, rainbow stripes, very beautiful. Out on the street course, are excellent single product, immediately highlight the elegance, become the focus.

Threshold of 3-carat diamond collection

The Carat Club Zeng Yong, chairman and founder of the diamond from the family, in his view, the diamondCollectionIs a shared sense of enthusiasm and with the investment.
B: Chinese consumers by the ad, “A diamond is forever, diamond is forever” deeply influenced. Most people will buy diamond ring in marriage, but this may be the only time in their life to buy diamonds, and most people buy a one karat diamond below. Is there any type of diamond value to the collection and appreciation of space?

Z: We often say “rare”, this sentence also applies to diamond investments. Data show that from 25 years ago today, 30 points -50 points or only 40% more than diamond, 5 carat rose as high as 258%, nearly 3 times. Between 1970 and 1978, the U.S. fund investors start investing in diamonds, diamond prices rose an annual average of 5 percent in 1978, due to excessive accumulation of diamond, prices began to fall crazy. However, since the early 1990s, it has been in a rising trend. In fact, as long as diamond, it has some room for appreciation, and 3 carat is a cut-off: more than 3 carats of rose significantly. Therefore, if a considerable financial resources, you should consider investing more than 3 carats.

B: diamond investment is relatively high starting point, in your opinion, how much budget should be the threshold into this?

Z: If you want to invest more than 3 carats, and about 50 million of the funds.